Encouragement For Moms On Their First Day Back At Work – It’s Okay to Cry

Hey Mama,

I remember waking up on a rainy morning to prepare for my first day back at work and starting my new normal routine – it felt incredibly unnatural.

We packed our three-month-old son in the car and headed to take me to work for the first time since I’d become a mother.  I sat in the backseat and stared at my sweet baby boy the entire way. I tried to reconcile myself to the reality of only being able to look at his face through pictures on my phone.

My tears fell with the same rhythm as the rain. We arrived at the office, I said my goodbyes and I took those daunting but necessary steps out of the car. That’s when I asked the Lord with tears refilling my  eyes,

Please just let me ride the elevator by myself.

But He knew better than that. As I headed towards the office doors, my  motherly co-worker Leslie came swiftly walking around the corner. She called out my name,


She was the one that God sent to comfort me through this very difficult day. She knew that I wasn’t okay, and she made me unashamed of my tears.

My dearest working Mama, I’m here to be your Leslie.

You may have to fight through storms’ tears, but you’ll see betters days. And for right now, it’s okay to sneak away to cry. 

In the past months, you began fulfilling one of God’s greatest callings for your life. You became an extraordinary mother. You carried a sweet baby in your womb and traded some of your body’s perfection for badges of motherhood.

But that was just the beginning. You labored to bring your child into the world. By faith, you endured the rigors of childbirth – and you were blessed. By God’s grace, you presented the baby to your husband and blessed him with the fruit of your womb.

Beloved Mama - Encouragement First Day Back at Work

And that’s not where it ends either. You brought your precious child home. You endured recovery all while being sure that you gave your baby the best care. You made sure that everything was done right, that he was warm at night, his cries were answered, and his belly was full with the best that you had to offer. You sacrificed your rest with out question. By now you’ve probably already thought about his first day of school, what he will look like as a young man, and dancing with him at his wedding.

You’ve become more than a mother. You have become a fighter, a protector, a nurturer, a force to be reckoned with – all with new found feminine confidence and grace. You’ve done and become all of this within three months. 

But don’t get discouraged sweet mama. Just because you are returning to work full-time, that doesn’t mean that you are not a full-time mom. You are in fact a mother every hour of the day. No matter how insecure you may feel at times at the hours spent away, no one will ever replace you as his mother.  You carried him, you birthed him, and you nurture him. You are the one that God chose to be his mother. 

This is just a season, and we take comfort in knowing that seasons always change. God will bless you for helping your family in this manner. Keep trusting that He knows your heart’s desire. If you ultimately desire to stay at home with your child, wait on Him, work hard, and He’ll show you the way. 

So mama, as you return to the work force, remember that you’ll soon be fine.

God’s grace will abound more and more… and you’ll adjust. When you miss your family, and when feel alone, remember that is God is ALWAYS with you.

When you come home from work, cuddle your baby to your heart’s content, reconnect, and look into his dreamy eyes. I promise that you’ll cherish these moments like never before.

For now, the laundry may have to wait, and you’ll eventually find something to eat for dinner. Remember that it’s okay to take a  break even when you feel like you’ve hardly been home. Guilt has no place in your life, especially when you’re confident that you’re giving your all. 

So my friend, this is my encouragement to you… Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. He sees you on the hard days, and He will hug you while you cry and wipe your tears. He is the constant through every season of life, He will be your everlasting rock because you are His beloved. 

Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.” – Deuteronomy 31:6