Beloved Mama - I am mama

I AM MAMA – How Mamas Can Fight For Racial Justice

Beloved Mama - I am mama



George, we heard your cry for Mama! We wept as we listened, and we realized that Mama was also justice, air, and love. Black mamas understood and white mamas stood and declared I AM MAMA! We are all running to answer you. ⠀

I AM MAMA – I am bold. I am bold enough to challenge and confront any and all racism and fear with in my own heart. I recognize that this is the most important work I can do.⠀

I AM MAMA – I speak. I fearlessly speak, challenge, and confront all acts of racism in my home, my place of worship, my work, in my grocery store, and any place where I am present. My voice cannot be silenced because of fear or thoughts of inadequacy. ⠀

I AM MAMA – I protect. I fight to protect those who are in danger. ⠀

I AM MAMA – l comfort. I seek to comfort the pain and the lamenting of others. Because I am a mama I instinctively know when my shoulder is needed to cry on, and when my arms are needed to hug. ⠀

I AM MAMA – I listen. I listen to opinions that are uncomfortable and unlike mine for the sake of my children. ⠀

I AM MAMA – I see. I see the differences in others. I am not color blind, however, I am color aware. Blindness leads to unawareness, unawareness leads to inaction. I act because I can see. My awareness of our differences empowers me to truly love unconditionally and appreciate every uniqueness.

I AM MAMA – I learn. I take the time to learn the world outside of my own, realizing that the experiences of others are valid and real. I do not discredit what is unfamiliar to me or what makes me uncomfortable. My teachable heart cultivates wisdom in my actions.

I AM MAMA – I teach. I teach my children to love others as we love ourselves. I teach my children through the example that I AM.

I AM MAMA – I heal. I tirelessly pour out my love to assure that every child, of every color, has the same privileges as the next.

I AM MAMA – because of my love – and loving is what I do best.

This is our battle cry! I. AM. MAMA!

George, we hear you. And we are here.

I AM MAMA! Declare it. Live it. Share it.